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Episode 78: Is It Normal To Feel Like This?

In today’s episode, I’m answering your questions! I put out a call before the holidays for questions and boy, did you respond! I’m so excited to tackle these and hope today is just the first of many Q&A episodes. Today’s question is from Lauren, who wants to know if feeling like an outsider ever really […]

10 Tips To Make Your Relationship A Priority

If I asked you whether your relationship is your top priority, what would you say? If you said yes . . . did you mean it? When was the last time you and your spouse had some alone time and talked about your feelings? Really connected. Discussed your hopes or your dreams. Or even just […]

Episode 77: When Your Expectations Fall Flat

Today I’m talking to another veteran stepfamily coach, Amelia Lane, all about how to get “okay” with it when you realize your expectations do not line up with your stepfamily reality. Amelia has been a guest expert inside the Stepfamily Circle membership, which you can learn more about HERE. And she’s got some great insights […]

Episode 75: Can Stepmom And Mom Really Be Besties?

In this episode, I’m talking to a rockstar in the influencer marketing world, but one who also happens to be a stepmom and has one of the best relationships with her stepchildren’s mom that I’ve ever seen. Sarah Boyd and I actually met sitting next to each other at a dinner hosted by a mutual […]

Episode 74: New Year, New Stepmom Inspiration

It’s a brand new year and we’re back with all new episodes! Today, we’re talking about the new beginnings that come with a new year. To include word of the year. And resolutions. We’re talking about the differences between stepfamily life and first-family life and why they matter. AND I’m going to fill you in […]

Episode 67: How To Stepmom At Any Age, With Barb Goldberg

Last week, we talked about new stepmoms – This week, I’m chatting with one of the OG stepmom coaches, Barb Goldberg, about how to stepmom through life’s transitions. I’ve known Barb, aka the “evil stepmother,” for several years. She’s an accomplished writer, executive, and coach, and has been one of our most popular speakers at […]

Episode 63: Being A Radical Stepmom With Christina Nelson

Today’s guest is truly “radical.” If you haven’t listened to her podcast, you’ve probably seen her relatable, raw, and often funny stepmom posts on Instagram. It’s a delight to get to chat with Christina Nelson of Radical Stepmoms about all the things. And Christina gives us a preview of her talk at the Stepmom Summit, the free […]

Bonus Episode: The Stepmom Resources You Need

I’ve had some amazing podcast guests the last few months, and have even more coming up in the next few months – but I thought I’d take a beat and record a quick bonus episode for you to talk about some of the things going on in my world and some things I’ve been working […]

Episode 61: Conscious Coparenting with Mikki Gardner

Last episode, we had a great chat with Katie Davie about coparenting – and it’s such an important topic, we’re continuing the discussion this week. Coparenting, both in your household and with your partner’s ex, can be loaded with stress. Today’s guest, stepmom Mikki Gardner, talks about what “conscious parenting” is and how you can […]