Being a Stepmom Rocks! The Perks of Stepmotherhood

Stepmum and Stepdaughter

Stepmoms endure many challenges in their role. They can be deemed as “evil” or “wicked”, but the perks of being a stepmom are something that can’t be forgotten. Being a stepmom rocks in many ways.

1. You Gain Acceptance & Love

Creating a family with your partner and stepchildren allows you to experience more love and unity. Having your stepchildren accept you as a member of the family is the most rewarding feeling for stepmoms. Hearing them say “I love you” or expressing their love towards you in different ways is warming to your soul.

2. You Get to See Your Partner as a Parent

Stepmoms get to experience seeing their partner be a parent. It’s gratifying to see your partner parent and love their child. If stepmoms are interested in having a baby with their partner, then it’s even more of a perk because they get a glimpse of what parenthood will be like.

Creating a family with your partner and stepchildren allows you to experience more love and unity.

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3. You See Your Personality Rub Off on Your Stepkids

There are many proud moments where you realize you are rubbing off on your stepchildren. It’s a proud moment when you discover the life lesson you just talked about with your stepchildren is being repeated by them. It’s also fun to see your personality traits and quirks rub off on them. Stepmoms take pleasure when their common sayings and expressions are repeated from their stepchildren’s mouths.

4. You Get to Build a Relationship with Your Stepkids

Getting to know your stepchild’s personality is a unique experience. Spending quality time with them allows you to grow and develop your relationship and bond. Building that relationship takes time, but spending time together engaging with each other allows that bond to deepen.

5. You Get Unexpected Expressions of Love

Stepmoms may get surprised expressions of love from their stepchildren. Whether it’s a drawing, letter, note, text, hug, or comment, these unexpected expressions of love bring us the most joy. Sometimes a surprise gift can bring us the most satisfaction. Unexpected gestures are always appreciated by stepmoms.

Gratitude allows us an appreciative attitude. Take some time today to reflect on the things that rock in your stepfamily life!