Episode 58: When It Feels Like The Conflict Will Never End, with Megan Hunter

In this episode, I’m bringing back my guest from Episode 27, Megan Hunter, to talk about high-conflict relationships. This is a topic that just can’t be discussed enough and as CEO of the High Conflict Institute, Megan’s expertise is unmatched.

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Megan Hunter, MBA, is co-founder and CEO of the High Conflict Institute and founder/publisher at Unhooked Books. Megan is a keynote speaker and trainer on high-conflict interactions and disputes, and conflict influencing. She is the author of several books and serves on several boards throughout her career. She is a mom of 3, stepmom of 5, nana of 4, and wife of the world’s best husband.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

The Stepmom Diaries Episode 27, A Conversation With Megan Hunter, CEO of the High Conflict Institute

The BIFF Response® Template – Megan has provided a great free template to my listeners that will help you formulate a “BIFF” response when you’re dealing with a high-conflict personality. You can download it HERE.

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