Episode 64: Accepting Your Stepmom Life, Even When It’s High Conflict, With Anita Inglis

Today’s guest is one of my favorite stepmom coaches. She’s seen it all and her down-to-earth (and sometimes blunt, but in the best possible way) advice is always spot-on. And regardless of what you may be struggling with in your stepmom life, you’ll get great advice from Anita in this episode.

About Anita:

As a step-child, divorced mother, and step-mother Anita has been part of a step-family for most of her life. This gives her important insight into the varied and complex dynamics at play within step- and divorced families and brings her personal experience and years of mentoring along with graduate and post-graduate qualifications in psychology to her work.

As a survivor of childhood trauma she understands the additional challenges being a trauma survivor adds to the step-family dynamic. Feelings of entitlement, not belonging, and negativity from other parties within the dynamic can all be triggering for trauma survivors. Having experienced a very high conflict custody situation and pathogenic parenting, Anita is well versed in how to maintain relationships with children who are experiencing pressure to reject the targeted parent and family.

Anita operates from a narrative therapy perspective, believing that the stories we tell ourselves, the stories that are told about us, and the stories of those we interact with, are all key in determining how happy our relationships are.

Anita is always one of our most popular speakers at the Stepmom Summit and this year was no exception. [and by the way, if you missed the Stepmom Summit last month, you can still grab an all-access pass HERE]. And Anita is the founder of the Institute of stepfamily dynamics. Anita was also the co-founder of Stepfamily Magazine, which Beth McDonough and I acquired from her last year.

You can find Anita:

On Instagram: @stepfamilydynamics

On her website: step-familydynamics.com


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