Episode 68: Create A Coparenting Dynamic Your Kids Won’t Have To Recover From, with Michelle Dempsey

Michelle Dempsey-Multack likes to say that her mission in life is to help her clients ensure their children have a co-parenting experience they won’t need to recover from. And as a child of divorce who experienced a fairly terrible coparenting dynamic, I so appreciate having her out in the world.

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About Michelle:

Michelle Dempsey-Multack is a Certified Divorce and Co-Parenting Specialist, bestselling author, educator for divorce coaches, and top 1% podcaster known for her ability to inspire and empower moms through their divorce and co-parenting journeys.

Michelle’s passion for “putting the child first” in the divorce process while helping everyone she reaches feel supported and empowered, makes her a sought after coach by clients as well as divorce industry professionals from around the globe.

Michelle has helped thousands of women find the permission to move on confidently after divorce as they move towards a more intentional and holistic co-parenting experience – one that their kids can be proud of one day.

Michelle is the author of Moms Moving On: Real Life Advice on Conquering Divorce, Co-Parenting Through Conflict, and Becoming Your Best Self from Simon and Schuster.

Michelle was also a speaker at this year’s Stepmom Summit, which if you missed it – it’s not too late. You can still access her presentation and all the others HERE.

You can find Michelle:

On her website: www.michelledempsey.com

On Instagram: @themichelledempsey

And you can buy here book on Amazon HERE or wherever books are sold.


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