Episode 74: New Year, New Stepmom Inspiration

It’s a brand new year and we’re back with all new episodes! Today, we’re talking about the new beginnings that come with a new year. To include word of the year. And resolutions.

We’re talking about the differences between stepfamily life and first-family life and why they matter.

AND I’m going to fill you in on some big and exciting changes I’ve got going on for you.

The first one – and the biggest – is that This Custom Life has officially merged with Stepfamily Magazine! We have formed Stepfamily Solutions.

Stepfamily Solutions is the new home of The Stepmom Diaries podcast, all of the This Custom Life courses, Stepfamily Magazine, The Stepmom Summit, The Stepmom Retreat, and the Stepfamily Circle membership. With our curated content, research-backed tools, and expert advisory board, we are truly your one-stop shop for all of your stepmom and stepfamily needs.

The other big news we’ve got is that our Stepfamily Circle membership is getting a huge overhaul. Later this month, we’re launching a brand new custom site for our members. We’re putting the finishing touches on the site, which will house our exclusive community off social media for stepmoms and stepfamilies to access experts, tools and resources, and coaching. Every single month.

In addition to a brand new site and portal, we are launching a brand new custom app for the membership so that you’ll have all of our resources on the go. It’s honestly amazing and we’re so excited to unveil it this month.

AND to celebrate the new site and app, we’re adding hundreds of dollars of additional exclusive courses and resources into the membership.

Check out the site HERE and follow me on social ⬇️ to stay up to date on all the things!

Links Mentioned:

Stepfamily Solutions: www.stepfamilysolutions.com

Stepfamily Circle membership: www.stepfamilycircle.com

Instagram: @stepfamilysolutions

Facebook: @stepfamilysolutions

TikTok: @stepfamilysolutions

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