Episode 77: When Your Expectations Fall Flat

Today I’m talking to another veteran stepfamily coach, Amelia Lane, all about how to get “okay” with it when you realize your expectations do not line up with your stepfamily reality.

Amelia has been a guest expert inside the Stepfamily Circle membership, which you can learn more about HERE. And she’s got some great insights for you – no matter what stage of stepmom life you’re in!

About Amelia

Amelia Lane is a Certified Stepparent Coach and the co-founder of The Art of Blended Chaos, based out of a small town in Ontario, Canada. As a {second} wife, mother of two, and stepmom of one, Amelia draws on 13 years of partnership, 8 years of marriage, and a lifetime of navigating stepfamily dynamics when working with clients.

Her personal journey, from a child of divorce to a blended family maven, fuels her coaching. Amelia doesn’t just bring certification; she brings a lifetime of lived experiences, having triumphed over jealousy, insecurity, parenting differences, communication blocks and a handful of other stepfamily challenges.

Before coaching, Amelia spent 12 years in long-term care as a Personal Support Worker, caring for the elderly and assisting psychiatric patients in a group-homes. Now, with a continued passion for helping others, she leverages her unique insights to guide clients through the maze of stepfamily life.

You Can Find Amelia:

On Instagram @amelia.lane.stepparentcoach and @theartofblendedchaos You can learn more about all of the ways Amelia On her website www.theartofblendedchaos.com

Amelia has offered listeners of the podcast 50% of her eBook: The {Un}Official Guide to Becoming an Empowered Stepmom. Just head HERE and use the code: STEPMOMDIARIES at checkout.

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