Episode 79: The People Pleaser’s Guide To Coparenting

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Are you a people pleaser? If so, this episode is for YOU. Our guest today has been here before, back on episode 61. And she recently published her first book, The People Pleaser’s Guide to Coparenting Well.

About Mikki:

Mikki Gardner is a Certified Life and Conscious Parenting Coach, a mom, a speaker, host of the Co-Parenting with Confidence Podcast, and author of the People Pleaser’s Guide to Co-Parenting Well.

Mikki’s personal struggles with divorce motivated her to become a “better mom” so that she could better help her son overcome the challenges of their new family dynamic. Drawing on her academic background, professional training, and personal experience, she empowers other moms to move beyond the overwhelming obstacles of co-parenting and thrive after divorce.

Mikki strives to guide moms to navigate the divorce & co-parenting drama by becoming calm, confident co-parents, even without their ex’s participation.

Mikki is on a mission to help children by helping their moms learn to handle the emotional and practical difficulties of divorce and co-parenting while creating an intentional, joyful, and ease-filled life for both themselves and their children.

You can find Mikki:

On her podcast, Co-Parenting With Confidence

You can grab her book HERE

Follow her on Instagram

Visit her website: www.mikkigardner.com

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