Episode 80: Hey Stepmom, Stop Comparing Yourself!

Let’s Get Comfortable . . . In Your Own Skin.

Today’s episode is about getting more comfortable in your own skin. Specifically as it relates to your partner’s ex and comparing yourself to her. This is something that I hear ALL THE TIME from stepmoms. And it can take various forms.

It can be overt, like wondering if your spouse thinks she’s prettier or smarter than you.

But it can also be sneaky and lead to even more insecurities, like when you wonder why your partner married her to begin with.

Whatever way it comes, you can find yourself down an unhealthy rabbit hole real quick. And you can find yourself obsessing over her. Her looks, her parenting skills, why she doesn’t like you. On and on and on.

I’ll walk you through some of the most common comparisons – and we’ll talk about how you can reset your outlook the next time you find yourself wondering if you’re measuring up.

Links Mentioned In Today’s Episode

If you’d like more on this topic, you can check out Linda Black’s piece in Stepfamily Magazine: Stepmoms, Quit Comparing Yourself To Your Partner’s Ex.

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