Episode 83: Family Feuds: Overcoming High Conflict and Parental Alienation with Maarit Miller

What happens when you realize you’re in a high-conflict situation?

All too often, stepmoms get into their stepfamily only to realize their spouse’s ex is way more high-conflict than they realized or that there is some pretty nasty parental alienation happening. That’s exactly what happened to Maarit Miller and we’re talking all about her experience and how it led her to start coaching others through similar situations.

Maarit spoke at our recent Stepmom Summit (the Summit is over but you can still access the presentations for a few more days with an Ultimate Access Pass)

About Maarit:

Maarit has been a mom for 20+ years, a stepmom for 15+, and was one of the founding moderators over at the stepparent support subreddit. She’s been nominated for Best Stepmom Blog and named a Top 10 Blended Family Blog. Blended Family Frappé was also listed as one of the best blended family Instagram accounts to follow.

And she says when she’s running her site, she’s probably eating tacos while watching Star Wars.

You Can Find Maarit:

On Instagram: @blendedfamilyfrappe

On her website, blendedfamilyfrappe.com

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