Episode 84: Healing Family Trauma, with Abbey Williams

How to break the cycle of relational trauma

Today I’m talking to Abbey Williams, LSW about estrangements and healing to break the cycle of generational trauma.

Abbey spoke at our recent Stepmom Summit (the Summit is over but you can still access the presentations for a few more days with an Ultimate Access Pass)

About Abbey:

Abbey is a Trauma Therapist + Estrangement Expert, Founder of You, The Mother, Coach, Co-Founder of The Estrangement Project, Co-Founder of The Parenting with Trauma Project, and mother of 4. For over 10 years, Abbey has provided direct clinical and coaching services to individuals seeking healing from relational trauma. She writes and speaks about various parenting, relational, and mental health topics.

Abbey focuses on helping moms heal from their childhood wounding, navigate difficult family dynamics, estrangement, and breaking generational trauma. She is committed to supporting, empowering, and connecting with her community by providing accessible information on her podcast, “You, The Mother Podcast,” social media platforms, coaching, support groups, healing book club, retreats, and webinars for people all over the world.

She has been featured by PopSugar, Parents, SheKnows, and Romper, and was named a top 50 parenting podcast by Podcast Magazine.

Abbey navigates her blended family/coparenting life in Cincinnati, OH with her husband, four kids, and two sister labs.

You Can Find Abbey:

On Instagram: @youthemother

On her website, youthemother.com

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