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Couple Talking

15 Things Stepmom Wishes Her Husband Knew

In that moment, I knew I couldn’t say anything to make him understand. I could verbalize my emotions until I was blue in the face, but he just wasn’t going to make sense of my words. Exhausting myself trying to explain why I was struggling…
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Stepchildren Just Want to Fit In – Part 1

As a stepdad, I found some ways to help my step kids feel like they fit into our blended family. Becoming a stepdad when my step kids were 8, 10 and 12, made my life way more chaotic than I had ever experienced and at the same time more…
Stepmum Receiving Gift

What Stepmoms Want You to Know About Mother’s Day

I’ve known my stepchildren for over half their lives, yet I get reminded of my lack of belonging continuously throughout the year. Mother’s Day is often a day that solidifies a stepmother's dark feelings of unimportance in her blended…