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So Your Partner Has Unhealthy Boundaries With Their Ex-Wife (or Husband)

“HELP! My partner’s ex is ruining my relationship.” I’ve heard that cry for help more than once for clients who are desperate to get their partner’s old relationship out of their current one. Although unhealthy boundaries (otherwise…

Why Its Normal To Resent Your Stepchildren

Find me a person who has ever grown up thinking of or picturing their life as a stepparent, and I’ll show you a liar. Stepfamilies, as beautiful as they are, do not represent something we dream about as children or draw on our vision boards.…

5 Harmful Habits Stepmoms Need To Break

As stepmoms, we spend so much time supporting one another in an “us against the world” mentality, which is awesome and important and so valid. But with that mentality, we often don't want to see that we ourselves might have developed some…
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How to Show Your Kids It’s Okay to Be Queer

So many of us instill the “straight” mentality, or heteronormativity rather, in little everyday moments that we don’t even realize we’re establishing norms and expectations that make our kids assume they’re straight, cis kids living in a straight, cis world, and that everything else is different. There are a few ways you, as parents, can incorporate an inclusion state of mind into your kids’ everyday life, regardless of whether or not anyone in your family is queer. The biggest piece of advice I can give other parents who want to make an effort to normalize queerness is to try not never assume heterosexuality.
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How to Plan a Same Sex Bridal Shower

You’re throwing a part for two people you love very much. Forget about the dos and don’ts that are all over Pinterest and such. Use your instincts, because you were asked to throw a shower to celebrate the love of two people who know and trust what you’ll do for them. Keep it true to the spirit of the couple, and you really
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The Problem With Inclusivity in Online Stepmom Communities

One of the biggest, most universal struggles of being a stepmom is feeling like an outsider, in your own family, in your extended family, in mommy circles, and in the general parenting community. Online stepmom communities are meant for us to have a safe space where we all feel like we belong. The problem is, we all don’t...