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summer as a stepmom vacationing with family

Coping with Summertime as a Stepmom Without Going Crazy

Summer is a season of sunshine, relaxation, and a break from the usual routines - at least for kids who are out of school. For adults, it means figuring out how to occupy those kids. And for most, it also comes with fun summer weekends and family…
make your relationship a priority

10 Tips To Make Your Relationship A Priority

If I asked you whether your relationship is your top priority, what would you say? If you said yes . . . did you mean it? When was the last time you and your spouse had some alone time and talked about your feelings? Really connected.…
parallel parenting

Parallel Parenting: The Case For Another Way

Haven’t heard of parallel parenting? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. After a divorce or split, former partners often assume coparenting together is their only option. And they’re stumped about how to handle it when things go sideways. What…